Welcome to the Red Panda Squad

RPS is a collection of Red Panda NFTs — unique digital collectibles living on the Solana blockchain since 2021. Owning a Red Panda grants you access to our members-only club and opens the gates to the ever-growing RPS universe.

Red Pandas...

...are not only cute. They are considered to be very smart animals, living in the bamboo forests of the Himalayan and Heng-Duan Mountains.

Did you know that there are less than 10.000 red pandas left in the wild? Our squad has a big heart for them and decided to put the red pandas into the unlimited crypto space.

"So far we have donated $50,000 with more to come"

Programmed into the Solana blockchain we provide the opportunity to digitally adopt a red panda as an NFT. So far we have donated $50,000 with over $50,000 more to come, gaining real-world utility by helping the endangered pandas survive through our contributions.

Not limiting ourselves to donations, our team is constantly pushing barriers by building brand equity to bring Red Panda Squad IP to the mainstream through mobile & merchandise.

We are giving back to everyone in the Red Panda Squad, running exciting giveaways and events on our Discord channel and Twitter page.

Save the Red Pandas!

Welcome to the bamboo forest, a mysterious world full of intrigue and adventure. Here, the Red Pandas spend their days vibing and exploring, seeking to unravel the many mysteries of the pandaverse.

Adopt a Red Panda friend as your digital companion at Solanart, Alpha Art, MagicEden & SolSea

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We’re in this for the long haul. Our team is working full-time on multiple milestones simultaneously. Check our Twitter feed and Discord announcements for the latest updates!

Stage I - Birth

  • Successful launch & 10 minute sell out as one of the early Solana NFT projects in September 2021

  • Donating $25k to WildlifeSOS.

  • Donating $25k to Red Panda Network

  • RPS Private Website V1

  • Street art red panda creation in London with Graffiti Kings

  • Exclusive Halloween Airdrop for holders of specific traits

  • Stage II - Revamp and Rebirth

  • Team restructuring, backed by RPS OGs™

  • Rebranding to build long-term brand equity

  • Roadmap v2

  • Integration of multi-signature core & DAO wallets

  • New contract to rescue the Red Pandas with a fair royalty distribution with 40% going to the DAO treasury wallet

  • Updated NFT contract in December 2022

  • Stage III - Infinity

  • RPS mobile app development

  • Continued brand equity growth through collaborations, partnerships, and events

  • Merchandise

  • Support to the preservation of red pandas

  • Fair distribution and utilization of RPS DAO treasury

  • Real-life events: A trip to the red pandas & more

  • On-chain tools/dApps with royalty sharing and bonuses for RPS holders

  • The Team



    Cookie, our social octopus finds his strengths in bringing people together and getting stuff done while leading projects from scratch to building large communities. Marketing is what he specializes in.



    JK, our skilled artist from Florida is not only a genuine and warm character, he developed truly magnificent skills in design and drawing over the years. JK joined the cryptosphere in 2017 and has created countless designs for projects, never disappointing his clients.

    With this collection, JK has dug very deep not leaving any important details unseen, always pushing the barrier for new challenges.

    The Prophet

    The Prophet

    Our second developer Prophet joined the crypto space in 2017. In addition to supporting our technical foundation, he oversees strategy and operations, continuing to improve in his field day in day out. He has launched, supported and advised many projects in the crypto space over the time.

    The Lama King

    The Lama King

    Having his roots in Scandinavia, Lama King has won countless awards for interactive web development performing in his field for 10+ years. While it’s super easy going and fun working together with our Lama King, he likes to surprise with special website features over and over again.

    Panda Jesus

    Panda Jesus

    RPS OG in his bones. His true goal is saving the Red Pandas. A creative workaholic that wants everyone to have a good time.



    An OG RPS community member with a background in business ethics and corporate governance. He aims to bring good vibes and foster innovation and creativity.



    Snipi is a storyteller with years of experience in entrepreneurship and startup environments. He's worked with startups for the past years and knows how to build brands and stories people want to listen to. He is a person who likes to explore his creativity but also loves to be a part of something bigger than himself, something that could potentially change lives for the better.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When was launch day?

    On the 24th September at 7PM UTC the minting on our website went live. Our 10,000 Red Panda NFT collection was sold out in ~ 10 minutes.

    How can I get a Red Panda?

    We have sold out! But you can buy your Red Panda on verified secondary marketplaces such as at Solanart, Alpha Art, FTX US, MagicEden, Digital Eyes & SolSea

    What is a good Red Panda to buy?

    HowRareIs shows you the ranking for our whole collection and Solana Floor shows you undervalued red pandas and statistics.

    What was the price for minting?

    2.5 SOL

    Where do the Red Pandas live?

    Our Red Pandas reside in the world of Solana. A land with cheap gas, instant transactions, and an unstoppable community.

    More questions?

    Join our community on either Discord or Twitter and ask us anything there.

    Red Panda Banksy Tunnel Street Art

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    Red Panda Network
    Wild life SOS
    Grape Protocol
    Solana Floor
    How Rare Is
    Mercurial Finance
    Parrot Finance
    Crypto Rand Group
    Graffiti Kings