Welcome to the Red Panda Squad

Hand-drawn from scratch by our truly skilled artist JK, there will only exist a maximum of 10.000 algorithmically generated, unique, cute red panda NFTs in this space. Ever.


Red Pandas...

...are not only cute. They are considered to be very smart animals, living in the bamboo forests of the Himalayan and Heng-Duan Mountains.

Did you know that there are less than 10.000 red pandas left in the wild? Our squad has a big heart for them and decided to put the red pandas into the unlimited crypto space.

Hand-drawn from scratch by our truly skilled artist JK, there will only be a maximum of 10.000 algorithmically generated, unique, cute red panda NFTs in this space. Ever.

"There are less than 10.000 Red Pandas left in the wild"

Programmed into the Solana blockchain we provide the opportunity to digitally adopt a red panda as an NFT. For each NFT that is minted, $10 will be donated to wildlife funds, gaining real-world utility by helping the endangered pandas survive through our contributions.

Not limiting ourselves to donations, our team is constantly focused on pushing barriers, already having sorted multiple contacts for generating unique, cute red panda merch.

We are constantly giving back to anyone in the Red Panda Squad, launching multiple giveaways and contests detailed further in the roadmap down below.

Fair Distribution

The Red Panda Adoption Price (Mint) will be announced approximately 3 days before launch. There are no price tiers; RPS membership costs the same for everyone.

Note: 250 red pandas are being withheld from the sale. These will be used for giveaways and the creators of the Red Panda Squad. All of them will contribute to the donation like everybody else.


We’re in this for the long haul. Once we hit a target sell through percentage, we will begin to work on realizing the stated goal. Nevertheless, we have started working on multiple targets already.

Immediately after our launch on the 24th September, 7PM UTC we will be listed on secondary markets such as DigitalEyes, MagicEden, Solanart and more. Everything is prepared.


  • Features on secondary marketplaces.

  • 3+ YouTube videos.

  • Twitter campaign.

  • TikTok campaign.

  • Instagram campaign.

  • Telegram campaign.

  • Facebook campaign.

  • High traffic test-runs

  • 25%

  • Donating $25k.

  • HowRareIs integration.

  • RPS Private Website Beta.

  • 50%

  • Donating $25k.

  • Member exclusive Red Panda Squad merch store gets unlocked, featuring limited edition -
    Mousepads, hoodies, facemasks, shirts, tanktops, caps, mugs, socks, stickers, shorts.

  • Merch package giveaway.

  • 75%

  • Donating $25k.

  • Street art panda creation in a metropole (company already arranged).

  • 100%

  • Donating $25k.

  • Whaleboard TOP 10 giveaway.

  • Suprise community wheel.

  • The squad gallery.
    An interactive image gallery of all the adopted (minted) Red Pandas

  • BYI Branding (beyond your imagination)

  • Partnerships and 1 of 1 NFT auctions, collborating with blue chip NFT projects.

  • Celebrity & Influencer on-boarding.

  • Weekly DJ live sets for our holders.

  • Real-life events.

  • On-going partnerships.

  • RPS merch mainstream brand growth.

  • True Value

  • The RPS DAO: A community-backed organisation helping the Solana ecosystem flourish, through incubation of new projects, arranging partnerships with various protocols and mutual investing in rare SOL collectibles.

  • Private RPS website for Red Panda NFT holders with unique events, fun games (tamagotchi style) and more.

  • Development of the RPSG (Red Panda Squad Game) where we enter the metaverse and can use our red pandas to play and earn.

  • The Team



    Cookie, our social octopus finds his strengths in bringing people together and getting shit done while leading projects from scratch to building large communities. Marketing is what he is specialized in.



    JK, our skilled artist from Florida is not only a genuine and warm character, he developed truly magnificent skills in design and drawing over the years since he was a child. JK joined the cryptosphere in 2017 and has created countless designs for projects, never disappointing his clients.

    With this collection, JK has dug very deep not leaving any important details unseen, always pushing the barrier for new challenges.



    Anondev, a veteran open source developer, has been building for the web since 2005. He co-founded a full-service digital agency and engineered solutions for numerous Fortune 500 brands. Anondev is naturally skilled in turning around development projects, improving team productivity, and creating dynamic solutions. He has advised several NFT projects on Ethereum and Solana.

    The Prophet

    The Prophet

    Our second developer The Prophet has joined the crypto space in 2017. He is doing his masters in Computer Science and continues to improve in his field day in day out. He has launched, supported and advised many projects in the crypto space over the time.



    Belly has been a social media professional for over 4 years, working for one of the biggest charities in the world. Everything he learned there, he has transferred onto the crpytosphere, advising projects on their social media strategy. Belly loves chatting around, listening to people and spreading positivity.

    The Lama King

    The Lama King

    Having his roots in Scandinavia, our web dev has won countless awards for interactive web development performing in his field for 10+ years. While it’s super easy going and fun working together with our Llama King, he likes to surprise with special website features over and over again.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When is launch day?

    On the 24th September at 7PM UTC the minting on our website will go live. Be aware of high demand.

    How can I get a Red Panda?

    Red Pandas will be available for purchase on our website through an initial sale. When you purchase, a randomly generated Red Panda will be minted on the blockchain and delivered to your wallet. More in our How To Buy Guide

    What is the price for minting?

    The exact price will be announced closer to launch. Join our Discord, follow us on Twitter and stay tuned

    Will you be listed on secondary markets?

    Of course. Everything will be as legit as it gets. We prepared everything with FTX US, DigitalEyes, Solanart, Magic Eden, and more to come. You will be able to trade your red panda there (buy, sell and put on auction).

    Where do the Red Pandas live?

    Our Red Pandas reside in the world of Solana. A land with cheap gas, instant transactions, and an unstoppable community.

    More questions?

    Join our community on either Discord or Twitter and ask us anything there.

    Merch Store (preview)